Visiting the Aquarium


Columbus Zoo & Aquarium

Recently, the family visited the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. I went along too (virtually of course–more on how to do that at a later time). If there’s anything I love it’s a good hunk of fish; er, meat on the hoof; I mean, fish on the swim. Well, you get the idea.

The aquarium in Columbus is huge. They won’t let you eat any or dip your paws into the tank (humans are such killjoys), but it’s still fun to watch them swim around. I loved looking at the different species of fish. Of course, they’re all tasty morsels to me. The humans seemed taken with the different colors, and we even saw a small shark. What big teeth!

Eventually, we headed home. Good thing too. I worked up quite an appetite watching those fish circle back and forth! Tuna anyone? Talk to you next time.