Greetings for the New Year

The black blur is me!

The black blur is me!


Greetings for the New Year

I’m sorry I’ve been a bit lax keeping up my blog. But, I’ve got an excuse. I’ve been catching mice, and my human’s been busy creating stories (she’s a writer).

Usually, the little critters stay outside when it’s warm. We’ve had some exceptionally nice weather in Ohio this winter, so I guess the little headcases decided to try to find a spot inside. I’ve been trying to nab the litter critters because my humans—mainly Mama Karin—freaks if she sees one. Sigh. Such is life for a mouser. Meowzers!

Hope you all had a nice Christmas. I sure did. My humans went overboard regarding my presents, as well they should have. I got a new water fountain (mine started dying a little before Christmas). The new model is a two-tier porcelain model with two spouts. I just love running water. Then, my human’s daughter (Mama Kristin) got me a corrugated lounger. It’s pretty nifty.  It’s shaped like an “X.”I can scratch on it to my heart’s content, and then sleep on it while the humans watch television in the evenings.

And of course, I got to play in the wrapping paper and boxes (see the photos). I also got some tuna, toys, and treats in my stocking. I admit it. I’m spoiled.

New Year’s Eve was also fun. We had snacks and played games and watched television. Then, it was time to take a nap. I was pooped way before midnight. I don’t know how humans do it.

That’s all until next time. Remember, if in doubt, keep your claws sharp and your purr ready!




10 Things Smokey Wants You to Know About Mousing


I’ve got him on the run!

  1. Don’t get in our way.
  2. Don’t help us.
  3. If you see the mouse, it’s okay to wake us up and show us where it was, no matter how much we grump. You may not see us do it, but we’ll return to that spot later when you’re asleep.
  4. Don’t use mousetraps. We’re inquisitive creatures, and our paws get stuck in them. Even the ones that claim to be cat-proof really aren’t.
  5. It’s important to get us toys to keep our skills up. Toys should include long teaser types, catnip mice, and catnip toys. That leads us to the next point.
  6. We love to be rewarded. This encourages us to keep catching mice.
  7. Scratching posts are good whether they’re made out of cardboard, rope, or bricks; it doesn’t matter. Just give us something to scratch our toes on. Believe it or not, our claws really help us catch the mice. And it goes without saying that you should never declaw us.
  8. Speaking of catching mice, squealing and putting your feet up on the furniture actually helps us. Don’t be afraid to do that. This keeps you out of our way.
  9. Don’t be alarmed if you find us torturing the mouse. This is how we kill it. We’re really not bloodthirsty or vicious. I promise it will end up dead even if it gets away at first. We’re persistent.
  10. If all else fails, get another feline.  With two cats in the house, you’ll have very few mice because they’ll smell both of us all over the house. We like to tag team.